#8 (Gag Me With A Snooperscope)

Issue 8
“The Stiltman Cometh” (June, 1965)
Released: April 1, 1965
Written by Stan Lee
Drawn and inked by Wally Wood
Lettered by Sam Rosen
Cover drawn by Wally Wood

Remember how we all really liked the first issue of Daredevil, but then found ourselves incredibly disappointed that the second issue was little more a terrible hunk of useless, colorful paper? Well, all three of us really enjoyed issue 7, but then found ourselves even more disappointed than we were last time. At least, issue 2 had a cool villain.

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Finally, check behind the cut for our individual grades for this issue and take some time to view the artwork and images that we discuss in the episode!

The general consensus for this issue is best summed up by Kyle during our conversation in the episode: issue 7 was way too good for issue 8 to be such a steaming pile of shit. Rodney and Aaron– both of whom give this issue a D– are far more generous than Kyle, who gives this issue a big, fat F. Their average? D. Not the worst rated issue so far, but pretty damn close.

This is Stilt-Man. We’re in disagreement on his design. Aaron (who is, admittedly, pretty distracted most of the time by shiny things) thinks the design is fairly striking and impressive. Kyle thinks he looks like an aluminum can.
On the very first page, the creators depict our hero driving a car. Just a few minutes into this episode and Aaron is already mad.
On the next page, they introduce Stilt-Man. Kyle and Rodney are now mad as well.
Holy shit! Where do we begin with all the stupidity in this issue? How about this handy diagram running down the length of page 5? Wally Wood provides us with a schematic of the inner mechanics of the billy club.
On the same page, we learn that Daredevil has a directional shotgun mike inside his weapon. Incidentally, autocorrect changed “shotgun mike” to “shitgun” and we almost left it that way.
Page 7 is especially hard to get through. There’s a cut-away view of Matt Murdock’s completely implausible apartment. We see that Matt Murdock doesn’t remove his sunglasses when he works out. We also learn that the stupidly-named Snooperscope works in tandem with a complex radio receiver that amplifies his radar sense installed in the horns of Daredevil’s cowl.
This is Wilbur Day. Rodney thinks that this drawing definitely looks like a man who would be named Wilbur Day. Rodney is impressed enough with this depiction that this sole panel is the only reason his overall grade is a D and not an F.
This is Daredevil using his billy club to climb up Stilt-Man’s hydraulic legs, instead of, you know, just using psychics to push Stilt-Man over. This whole thing could have been done in four pages if Matt Murdock had just paid attention in science class.
We all agree that Daredevil using his radar senses as a human lie detector of sorts is pretty cool. It’s not cool enough to warrant high praise or anything, but it is a much-needed breath of fresh air.
On the next page, though, Karl Klaxon (or was it Klaxton?) reveals that he has some sort of weird push-button electro-field around his car. It’s enough voltage to knock Daredevil on his ass. Thank God some idiot construction worker left a manhole open or Daredevil might have been killed!
We’re including this page mostly to show you how stupid the concept of Stilt-Man happens to be. Look at the final panel in particular: how the fershlugginer fuck does Stilt-Man lift his legs that high to avoid the upright supports of the bridge?
In a twist that nobody saw coming (end sarcasm), Wilbur Day turns out to not be the victim of Karl Kaxon’s bloodlust for parents. Instead, he turns out to be Stilt-Man. Also, he’s a ninja that can perform perfectly-executed karate chops to the neck!
Daredevil runs on electrical wires and hitches a ride in a moving train. Excellent artwork by Wally Wood doesn’t make this idea any less dumb.
In the end, Daredevi’s presence isn’t even necessary to defeat Wilbur Day because he falls victim to his own shrink ray and dissipates to nothing. It’s an unsatisfying conclusion to an unsatisfying issue.

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