#7 (Nippleless Wrecking Ball)

Issue 7
“In Mortal Combat With The Sub-Mariner” (April, 1965)
Released: February 4, 1965
Written by Stan Lee
Drawn and inked by Wally Wood
Lettered by Artie Simek
Cover drawn by Wally Wood

You don’t even have to listen to the episode to know that something is distinctly different in the pages of Daredevil. Just one look at the cover depicted above and you can see that Daredevil is sporting fancy new digs. This issue, the first appearance of Daredevil’s iconic red costume, is not only widely regarded by fans of the character as the official issue #1 but is regarded by comic book historians as one of the single-most-important individual issues to ever be published by Marvel Comics.

In this episode, in addition to our discussion of this epic and milestone issue, Aaron provides us with a history of Namor, The Sub-Mariner and explains how it was possible that he was fighting Nazis in the 1970s, Kyle admits that he was wrong about his initial impressions of Wally Wood, and Rodney just gets annoyed at the wishy-washiness of the whole plot. We add more items to our list of billy club shenanigans. Also, Kyle sings a few bars of Miley Cyrus.

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Finally, check behind the cut for our individual grades for this issue and take some time to view the artwork and images that we discuss in this episode!

The grades here are a little surprising. Of course, Aaron gives it an A, but Kyle does as well. This gives Aaron a small sense of vindication after Kyle’s insensitive remarks in episode 5. Rodney gives the issue a B because he doesn’t understand Namor. Overall average: A. This is a solid issue!

Namor is actually one of Aaron’s favorite characters in the history of Marvel universe. Of course, his Fantastic Four– cred never hurts, but Aaron actually likes him for all the reasons that seem to confuse Rodney: is Namor a good guy or a bad guy? We may never know the answer, but we do know that he made his first appearance in 1939. We also know that he was created by Bill Everett. Remember Bill Everett? It’s quite sad that Kyle and Rodney don’t.
This is the very first page of issue 7. We see Namor in his throne room in Atlantis. We also see Atlanteans riding on sharks in the background. We also see a submarine. This is confusing because Atlanteans obviously do not need the submersible craft, but if there are humans in the submarine, then why are they not freaking the fuck out over finally discovering Atlantis? Also, riding a shark apparently makes you an asshole (editor’s note: This is Rodney’s opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the entire cast)
This is Krang. He easily manipulated Namor into visiting the surface world, which would leave the Atlantis throne unattended, thereby making it easier to usurp. Kyle thinks that Krang looks like Will Smith. Kyle may not be wrong about this assessment.
Which is a better question: 1) Why swim when you can ski away on the backs of two turtles? 2) Why ski away on the backs of two turtles when you can swim? Rodney might be right; these guys are assholes!
They are also incapable of using a revolving door. They are incapable of being patient and waiting for the elevator. They are also apparently capable of manually lowering an elevator car through sheer brute strength. The writers of the comic, however, are incapable of explaining how Namor would use the elevator that he just destroyed to ascend to the floor he needs. Continuity, eh? They don’t need it in Atlantis.
Do Nelson & Murdock have a fund for door replacement in their petty cash? This is the third or fourth time in seven issues that the door has been broken. This time, it’s karate chopped by Namor. Rodney pointed out in this sequence that Namor has no nipples. Forty years of reading Namor comics and Aaron has never noticed, but now it can’t be unseen.
Hopefully, there’s a wall-replacement fund as well because when Nelson & Murdock refuse to represent Namor in his lawsuit against the human race, he goes on a destructive rampage. It doesn’t end in their office, though. Namor decimates the city. The military has to be called in! Note the fourth panel: this is the first time that we see Daredevil in his new red costume.
We hated it in issue 2 when Daredevil hitched a ride on a traffic helicopter. We’re inexplicably less annoyed when he does (essentially) the same thing in this issue.
Daredevil decides to lure Namor into the water to “cool him off” but then regrets it because, in the water, Namor is “completely invincible.” Well, if you knew that, why did you lure him into the water?!?!
This is the same page, but it is a photograph of the original comic. We’re showing you this because we noticed while reviewing this issue how drastically the coloring is changed when the issues are scanned into reprint books and digital apps like Marvel Unlimited. The new coloring is, in our opinion, a disservice to the experience of reading the comic. It’s so much more breathtaking in the original medium! And . . . yes, this comic is from Aaron’s own collection. Don’t tell his wife how much he paid for a decent copy of issue 7.
Underwater, Daredevil is hopelessly outmatched and defeated. Namor is impressed, however, with Daredevil’s bravery and rescues him from drowning. He then surrenders to the police, for reasons that are never explained, under the proviso that he not be handcuffed. For more reasons that are never explained, Nelson & Murdock are chosen to represent him in his impending trial.
In court, the judge laughs at Namor’s superfluous attempts to distract attention from his psychopathic crimes with a counter lawsuit against the human race. Dorma arrives and informs Namor that Krang is doing what Krang had always done. Namor wants to return home, but the police are having none of it.
Namor is having none of it either and he embarks on a second violent rampage. Matt is able to rationally convince him to be patient in a jail cell, but Namor gets frustrated with the length of time the legal process entails and begins a third rampage. If this were real life, the NYPD would have tazed Namor by now.
In the final battle against Namor, Daredevil surfs on a stair banister and reveals that he has a smoke screen inside his billy club.
Namor tries to fly away, but Daredevil uses his billy club cable to hitch a ride.
Then, he rides a wrecking ball . . .
. . . and operates the control panel of a steam shovel.
It’s all for naught, though, as Daredevil is eventually defeated by his own cleverness. He tries to electrocute Namor but only ends up electrocuting himself. Daredevil isn’t finished, however: he tenaciously clings to life and makes a final feeble attempt to take down Namor. Namor is yet again impressed with Daredevil’s bravery and compliments him on his tenacity before disappearing into the ocean to put a whooping on fish Will Smith.

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